Social Media Training

Live Tutored Course

  • 6 Weeks of content-rich learning
  • 9 hours of live coaching
  • downloadable guides

Learn under guidance on your own platforms via online content, 1:1 coaching calls, weekly hosted Q&A sessions, and a private Facebook Group.

Suitable for businesses who want to take charge and learn how to do their own social media, or for those developing a career as freelance social media managers.

£795 + Vat

Social Media Strategy

SMM Strategy

  • Full strategy build
  • Comprehensive review of your platforms
  • Comparison review of 2 competitors

We will develop a robust strategy to maximise your appeal, reach, and engagement with your target audience.

Great for businesses who want to manage their social media to a professional standard, or to guide your social media manager.

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Social Media Management

Professional Social Media Management

  • Develop and implement a social media strategy
  • Deliver engaging content (written, video, image)
  • Manage paid & organic advertising

By presenting your brand in the most professional way, social media can deliver your message to thousands of potential new customers online

Social Media Management also includes: Content that delivers SEO and generation of website traffic; Cultivation of leads & sales; Leading your online community & customer service.

From £250 per platform, per month

Let’s Work together

Our Social & Digital Marketing Training courses give you hands-on learning with the personal support you need to succeed: Weekly live webinars, regular 1:1 coaching calls, and a private forum to discuss any questions you may have.

Working with you ensures you get the best out of the course you choose, and great results for your business.  What do we get? Happy students!





Ensure your profiles are fully optimised for conversions and up to date with the latest platform changes.


Holistic approach to integrating your Digital/ & Social Media with the overall marketing strategy.



Research and plan your content creation using SEO rich text and your keywords for optimum engagement.



Training you side-by-side to promote the best outcome for your business.  Not a 'one size fits all' approach.



Full analytics with a qualitative report and actions for you to see improved engagement and reach.


Working with you to generate ideas and opportunities by investing time in understanding your goals.

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Our Process

Our courses are tailored to suit you. Need something extra?

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Your business goals are what drive us.  

By understanding where you want to go and how you want to be known, we can work with you to ensure the content, targeting, keywords, organic reach, and paid advertising are all optimised for the best possible return.  Whether it is day to day management, social media for an event, or a particular campaign, that you would like us to run for you, our social media managers are adept, well networked, and experienced marketers.

We are lucky* enough to have a super blend of creatives and data nerds, meaning you can take the full package, or pick and choose what works for you as and when you need each element. 

Lastly, when you deal with us you deal with a person who spends time getting to know you and what you want.  We work hard to ensure that when we're representing you we do so as you would represent yourself.

*Lucky = worked hard to figure out the best possible team to take your social & digital strategies forward.





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