Professional Social Media ManagementWhy use our Professional Social Media Management service?

Every small business owner knows the folly of being an expert in all things (“Jack of all trades; master of none”?).

Taking time out of your core objective to learn a peripheral skill has a far more detrimental impact on your business than the initial cost of outsourcing.

Growth and sales are hampered by you focussing on tasks that, let’s face it, are not central to your core abilities.

Social media is a necessity for a successful marketing strategy.  Even if you, as an entrepreneur, have the knowledge and skill to expertly navigate professional social networking maintaining your suite of social media channels is a time-consuming task.

Using our social media management service means that you have access to a network of connected individuals.  We have a comprehensive suite of tools, articles, unique content, images and video equipment to ensure your feeds are fresh, interesting, and highly relevant to your target audience.


Still want to do it for yourself?

There are a few core questions you need to really ask yourself before you commit to managing your social feeds:

Do I have the time to maintain it well?

The only thing worse than no social media presence is a half-hearted  social media presence.

You may have the best intentions when you create your social media accounts, but other priorities will push your posting down your to do list.  There are plenty of tools to help you schedule your posts and look active, but these are no substitute to actually being present.  Not only that, they take time to maintain, too.

It takes an experienced Social Media Manager around 5 hours per week, per platform.   This is with a comprehensive suite of tools and access to content.  If you are honest with yourself and see how better your time could be spent working in or on your business, our social media managers may be the best option.

Can I afford to outsource it?

Every business should rightly question costs.  The real question here should be whether your hourly rate is worth more than what you’ll pay for a professional social media manager.  If the answer is yes, then you can’t afford not to outsource it.

Do I know the industry?

As an expert in your business you will appreciate how much goes into your personal growth and learning.  Our professional social media managers are kept on top of content strategies, platform developments and are well practised in researching innovative engagement opportunities.  They have links with influencers and are well versed in developing strategies that work.

What is my strategy for social media?

Our professional social media management starts with a strategy session.   We will work with you to build an actionable plan and ensure that it is followed.

Consistency is key to social media.  A robust strategy will enable your audience to grow, to be courted and encouraged, and to convert to becoming your customers.

Our social media managers will outline when posts need to go live and which social media networks should be included to help ensure your campaign is a success. They can build awareness of an event or launch, without sending spammy or irrelevant ‘off the cuff’ posts.


How do I find the right person?

You know more than anyone else about your business.  But does that mean you know how to identify, reach, and engage your target audience?

Our social media managers bring professional expertise to your social media presence and make it a viable engagement channel.  They can diffuse customer issues before they arise, enhance your reputation, provide social proof, and free up hours of your time.

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